Automation & Control

STS Automation Control Services

STS provides complete automation solutions for our customers. We focus on integrating retrofits, safety upgrades, and small automation systems. We are Rockwell Automation experts, and our team also works with Siemens, Omron, and Mitsubishi Automation Platforms.

Our knowledge extends to Robot Welding, Wireless Communications, Injection Molding, Palletizing Systems, Extrusion Systems, and much more.

PLC / HMI Programming

STS clients have the advantage of working with a team of experienced personnel that can take a PLC project from concept to completion. Our team ensures that your automated system will meet your needs. At STS, we strive to ensure our systems maximize production, while also ensuring that safety is a priority.

Practice Safety System Upgrades

STS has experience in safety PLC’s, safety VFD’s, light curtains and safety switches. STS can provide a complete safety system including drawings, electrical wiring and programming. STS works with several engineering firms that help companies to complete PHSR’s. Pre-start Health and Safety Review (or PHSR) must be performed in Ontario on any new or used process or equipment which has been moved into a new workplace or where a safety control has been added or modified.


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Control Panel Design & Build

STS completes panel building for our customers. This includes conceptual 3D drawings, electrical wiring diagrams, and panel layout drawings. We can also work with your drawings to provide you a competitive quote. CSA, ULC, or ESA certified panels are available.

Automation & Controls Safety

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